Executive Board

Worthy Master
Charlie Leland Modesitt | Fall '21
Worthy Marshall
Conor Aiden Presto | Fall '21
Worthy Chaplain
Gavin Michael Olivieri| Fall '21
Worthy Keeper of the Exchequer
Ranesh Krishnan | Fall '21
Worthy Scribe
Duncan Kenneth McSwain | Fall '21
Risk Management Chairman
Christian Lance Sigmon | Fall '21
Worthy Keeper of the Annals
Hunter Shane Caparelli | Spring '22
New Member Educator
Jake Alan Rouse | Spring '21

Rush, Philanthropy, and Social Chairs

Connor Morneau
Nathan Mclaughlin
Christian Sigmon
Leo Shiff
Hunter Caparelli
Ryan Riechman
Alex Lapina
Jack McMahon
Zachary Blue
Sujay Murthi
Ryan Riechman
Russell Warren
Rio Wombacher

Resume Bank

To access the chapter resume bank please contact our scholarship chair, Tatum Brown,

Resume Bank


Will Lam Charlie Larkin Connor Murphy Cole Williamson
Spencer Lewisohn Jason Traub Peter Kapp David Carroll
Bryce Duncan Russell Warren
Alex Lapina Can Kilic Matthew Rostar Rio Wombacher Chad Everett
Luis Sanchez Jack Parrish Aidan McConkey Spencer Thomas Isaiah Blue
Chris Hewgley Kevin Hillesland Jake Rouse Craig Woomer Spencer Sullivan
Shaurya Dave Lucas Antinori
Peter Stidman Charlie Modesitt Ranesh Krishnan Christian Sigmon
Israel Gore Conor Presto Owen Jenssen Paul Matheson
Will Bensch Blase Matheson Gavin Olivieri Connor Larson
Duncan McSwain Tatum Brown Jack Andresen Cole Luther
Hunter Caparelli Kobe Thompson
Seth Moore Nathan McLaughlin Nate Bruce Ryan Riechman
Josh Meltzner Jack McMahon Ben Borchelt Connor Morneau
Sujay Murthi
Austin Collins Caden Linnert David Light Alexander Gunning
Zachary Blue Reid Gilreath Ian Podziewski Leo Shiff
Rohan Chand Daniel Wu Joseph Daughtery Sam Martin
Elia Movahed




Dr. Henry T. Clark, Jr. Award - Outstanding IFC Fraternity


Voted by the UNC Inter Fraternity Council (the governing body for all UNC fraternities) as Outstanding IFC Fraternity for the 2006-2007 academic year. The Alpha Delta Chapter is consistently recognized as one of the top fraternities on campus and has won this award seven out of the nine years in existence.

Upper Alpha Award

2006 - 2008

Established in 1996, the Award recognizes ATO's top Board of Trustees which provides exceptional leadership and service to a chapter. We have one of the best Board of Trustees in the nation that helps us with all aspect of the fraternity. It is because of their efforts that we are such a strong chapter today.

Chapter GPA of Over 3.0

2006 - 2019

ATO Alpha Delta brothers are committed to their acedemics

which is shown by the numerous years in which the chapter as a whole has maintained over a 3.0. Brothers are constantly mindful of the fact that they are at UNC to earn an education first and foremost. 

ATO National True Merit Award

2000 - 2004, 2006 - 2012, 2014 - 2019

This is an annual honor received by the top chapters nationwide, and is based on the active brothers’ commitment to community service, campus leadership, Greek leadership, academic achievement, and recruitment efforts among other requirements. Alpha Delta also consistently has been in the running for the Top Chapter Award which it hopes to win this year.

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